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I miss you Elaine. Perspective: I get a a few hundred emails daily, scan/speed read style the subject line of most, open, read 0-10 *outside of directly related to my business and team, respond to varies -sometimes intense volley of internal back and forth with team. Extremely rare to actively engage with author or offer. At first I was resistant to like a Sunday night email. Then because of your style and the high value perception, I looked forward to and embraced your emails. Consciously looking forward to them.

I acknowledge you for your brilliance and for standing out and making me want to pay attention. Healthy regards, Gary

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Thanks for the update Elaine. I always look forward to your 3 things. Many have touched on, been connected to and aligned on a Big Project I'm working on. I am looking forward to your Big Reveal.

Carpe diem,


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